SmileDirectClub’s invisible braces are $100 off with this code

TL;DR: You’ll save $100 on custom clear aligners from SmileDirectClub when you enter the code SAVEINAUG at checkout.

There’s a subscription box for just about everything these days — even a better smile.

With a smile plan from SmileDirectClub, you can straighten your teeth using discreet clear aligners that are shipped right to your doorstep for a fraction of the price (and hassle) of traditional braces. Treatment plans last about six months on average and include premium teeth whitening; they usually start at $1,895 (or $85/month), but for a limited time you can score a $100 discount by entering the coupon code SAVEINAUG at checkout.

SmileDirectClub's aligners arrive in a brightly hued box it describes as

SmileDirectClub’s aligners arrive in a brightly hued box it describes as “blurple.”

SmileDirectClub’s process is super simple: First, you’ll either visit one of its SmileShops to get a free scan of your smile or order one of its at-home impression kits ($49). Once a 3D image of your teeth has been created, SmileDirectClub will send you a preview of your new smile and begin making 3D-printed clear aligners that are customized for your mouth. They’ll get sent to you in a “blurple” SmileDirectClub box, and you can wear them for up to 22 hours a day to help guide your teeth into position. Once your treatment plan is complete, you can maintain your brand-spanking-new smile by ordering a set of retainers for $99.

If you factor in the cost of an impression kit and retainers, a straighter smile with SmileDirectClub will cost you a little over $2,000 from start to finish. That’s not exactly peanuts, but compared to traditional braces, which cost $6,000 to $8,000 on average, it’s a steal. Plus, aligners from SmileDirectClub prevent you from having to walk around with a bunch of metal in your mouth for a year and a half. 

Be sure to enter the code SAVEINAUG to knock $100 off your smile plan from SmileDirectClub. Click here to find out if you’re a good candidate.

SmileDirectClub's invisible braces are $100 off with this code

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