Spider-Man’s MCU Exit Didn’t Shock Avengers: Endgame Directors

The Russo Brothers aren’t too surprised by the Marvel Studios and Sony Spider-Man fallout. Getting two huge competing studios to work out a deal where one of the biggest superheroes in history is shared is a massive undertaking. It still seems unbelievable when looking back at the original news. When Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige

Endgame Directors Tease Arabic-Language Follow-Up Mosul

The minds behind Avengers: Endgame are preparing for the release of their first film post-Marvel, Mosul, which premieres in Venice this week. The documentary-style movie is based on a New Yorker article titled, “The Avengers of Mosul,” and the Russo’s are striving for authenticity in all things: location, cast, even language. Mosul is a true

Midsommar Director’s Cut Is Coming to Theaters This Weekend, Watch the Trailer

Midsommar has been deemed a new horror classic from writer and director Ari Aster, the man responsible for bringing us Hereditary. Now, the movie is coming back to theaters in a special extended director’s cut that features never-before-seen footage. A24 made the announcement this morning. They have also included a trailer for this depraved, gory

Why Bucky Can’t Be the New Captain America Explained by Endgame Directors

Avengers: Endgame directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo are going to keep answering questions about the movie until there are simply no questions left to answer. But would we want anything less from the filmmakers behind the biggest movie of all time? In this case, the directing duo has addressed the Captain America situation, as

Why Hulk’s Arm Remained Injured in Endgame Explained by the Directors

The directors of Avengers: Endgame are still batting all sorts of questions about the final chapter in the MCU’s Infinity Gems saga. This time, the fans demand clarification regarding the fate of The Incredible Hulk. In his final appearance at Tony Stark’s funeral (Spoiler warning, but at this point in time, come on, what rock